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»elapsed:remaining EP« by Sebastian Buchholz

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Hailing from Germany’s far north, with a rock-solid history in technoid sound manipulation, Sebastian Buchholz delivers a dense five-tracker dominated by minimal driving beat structures and lush chordscapes. Organic sounds that nevertheless always wear their electronic origin on the sleeves abound. Sebastian’s music is at times dark, yet not menacing - rather, it is an all-envelopping and almost tactile blend that always preserves a warm inner glow.

“Nocturnal lurking” plays a game of hide-and-seek with half-opaque sequences that lead you deeper and deeper into labyrinthine pathways. “Risque joke” churns its way into the nether layers of your cochlea to deposit a dubby payload. “Nebula” chases an ethereal cookie monster through puffy pad clouds, while “Odem”’s minimal loop leviathan surprises with suddenly erupting thunderous warmth. Finally, “Muse upon the 63” eases you back into the real world with a laid-back, leisurly stroll through indoor hanging soundgardens.

Sebastian has dedicated this release to the memory of Christian Morgenstern, who was taken away much to early. 1975 - 2003

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Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2003-11-16
Release-ID: txtn007
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