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»Rheinpark Liebe EP« by Peter F. Spiess

Cover of Rheinpark Liebe EP

After a two year long hiatus from publishing music, Peter F. Spiess returns on Textone with an astounding mini-LP. Known from his releases on German labels Klang and Alpha, Peter has developed a unique personal production style, layering minimal driving analog sequences into a captivating cinematic stream of utopian impressions. Epic, but miles away from any associated cliches, Peter manages to create an alternate universe of seemingly endless space that is at all times densely interwoven with futuristic sonic strands. Dubby undercurrents of bass undulate as shifting reverb patterns encircle echoing off chord sequences. Deep, complex moods for the shorter days of the year - six true gems that should not be missed!

Peter will be working closely with Contexterrior Media in the future - watch out for CNTXT#06, Pater F. Spiess vs. Jay Haze, out on vinyl soon.

[Cover graphics by Peter F. Spiess; additional color/typo manipulation by B.]

Netlabel: Textone
Release Date: 2003-11-04
Release-ID: txtn006
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