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»Anpassung« by 3tronik

Cover of Anpassung

First of all 3tronik is important for Sutemos net label because this French producer was the first to appear on it. At that time we really didn‘t know if our idea of running a virtual label will be successful and will we be able to grant his further activity. 3tronik - K0ma Proj3ct and his successor Intelligent Toys compilation achieved lots of attention and we still keep hearing opinions that these two are the best releases on our net label. If somebody of you cares about our opinion then I must say that his Mirror album seems to be more interesting and more technical to us than his first EP.

Three years have passed since that time and a lot of things changed. First of all IDM is no longer some kind of musical phenomenon. It is also no longer a choice of only devoted musical gourmands. This kind of music has already become a competent musical genre which even has allusions to pop music at some occassions. Although tw years we just kept saying that we lack quality releases of this style today we have so many of them that we already became bored. But some things seem to stay in their places. Just like three years ago we still want to release only the music we like (although our taste is shifting) and which seems to be of the highest quality. We don‘t know how many of you notice and value that but we still love doing it although our releases have become scarer…

3tronik who awaked after this long period of silence seems to have been sleeping in sopor – his new albums is just like the Mirror. We will surely be criticized for that but you must also admit that he still sounds very interesting and his music is of the highest quality. Anpassung is definately not meant to be a music for a common occassion that you will listen while cooking you Sunday dinner. This music is for more biding – it requires a particular combination of space, mood and time which will reveal the real face of this music if you are lucky. The music of 3tronik was always concurrent with photos of Laurent ver Alleman (aka MDG). This synthesis of two forms of art has enchanted us from the very first moment we encountered it. Even three years later I still have these French noisy, warm sights full of 3tronik‘s music. This time we didin‘t really want to anything else but his art. Enjoy.

Netlabel: Sutemos
Release Date: 2007-06-13
Release-ID: sute017
Music Style: IDM
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