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»Mirror« by 3tronik

Cover of Mirror

Florin Fabien (3tronik) was the first member of Sutemos net label team and has released his debut work KOma Proj3ct. This mini album (as every other release that followed it) received lots of good compliments and interest. But if you would take a glance from the point of the present perspectives you will understand that during the half years period Florin has made a very big step forward.

Mirror is a way more technical work. There arent many changes in it but you will notice that Florin has made a good job in the direction of perfect quality. His music has taken harder and more confused form. But the most important thing in the album is that the musical outline of this promising artist is getting clearer and clearer. Nevertheless the musical spectrum of 3tronik still remains very wide (even eccentrical and unexpected at some points). That is how an irrational musical face of 3tronik is created. That is how Against Myself or Mood are born. That is how the history about Mirror is born.


Although in the mean time a tiny number of producers are compared to Autechre - one of the pioneers of IDM this is album is the one that reminds us about their rough and angled visions: Confield and Draft 7.30. Yet Mirror is mostly common to a unique work of experimental electronica performed by Syndrone - Salmataxia. Except it is served in the manner of 3tronik. Such tracks as Revel, Dentolab, Verwirrung, Face To Face or an totally opposite Unclassical will sincerely shock you and surprise you.

Netlabel: Sutemos
Release Date: 2004-09-10
Release-ID: sute006
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