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»Rake« by Pelpp and A. Vanvranken

Cover of Rake

surfaces geography goes across the ocean with this new addition to the catalogue. it is time for american artists pelpp and a. vanvranken, who have released ‘pedal’, a full-length album of warm minimal electronica in usa a couple of months ago, to introduce an equally warm and distinctive ep called ‘rake’ as the 13th surfaces release. given the superb quality of their music, this addition is more than welcome

the sounds create a perfect mood before the holidays, with emotional atmospheric pads, transparent field recordings with voices, subtle electronic sounds and minimalistic beats, the end result being very warm, cozy and introspective, while also very original. listen to it on your portable mp3 player during your pre-christmas sledding session to fully appreciate it

enjoy the music and your holidays with it. hope this release doesn’t get out of your players before the new year’s eve passes!

Netlabel: Surfaces
Release Date: 2004-12-15
Release-ID: srfc013
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