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»Ten 1.0 (From One To Zero)« by Farid Aliyev

Cover of Ten 1.0 (From One To Zero)

farid aliyev, originally from azerbaidjan and now residing in lithuania, plays the guitar. he plays it as if it was pure air, though. in this moodshifting recording, farid takes the live played guitar improvisations and feeds them through diverse dsp modules. the result is neither acoustic nor electronic. one thing for sure - it is very organic and flowing. the composer takes us on a trip just as he promises: from one to zero, from static to dynamic, from subtle silence to waves of drones, from amalgamated sounds to small frets and harmonics

this recording is the instant ambience for modern living spaces. use it for drinking light vine, thinking, dreaming, meditating or making love. the music will undoubtedly make your mood unfold in the right direction. the aesthetic of subtlety in this piece is irresistible for those wanting to be surrounded by poetic spirit. all in all, this music is hard to describe by words - the sounds themselves do this much better

in addition to composing, farid is also a graphic designer. the cd cover for this release is also his work

Netlabel: Surfaces
Release Date: 2004-01-27
Release-ID: srfc005
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