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Cover of One Remixes

Collaboration has always been an important factor here at One - whether it’s through music, technology or artwork. In this spirit the return of Plosive brings us a showcase of covers, mixes and overhauls of many favorite releases from the past couple of years - including reworkings of Bad Loop, Jack Haberfield, Iua, Emil Klotzsch, Recue, Paranerd and Partikel.

With much of the source material in hand, they have been made his own through complete reinterpretation - lending to their individuality and personal touch in mood and style. Too often these days original works are masqueraded and passed off as mixes - here the art of the remix is key and in usual Plosive form the sounds are heavily rhythmic and melodic - focused through an alchemy of Dub, IDM, Techno and more.

  1. himanka (plosive mix)
  2. nio (plosive dub)
  3. fanfarel (plosive mix)
  4. epilepsy (plosive mix)
  5. caught your tumble (plosive mix)
  6. likgiltligheten ((inte likgiltig langre mix by plosive)
  7. juniper trees (plosive mix)

Run time 26:53

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2006-06-19
Release-ID: one027
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