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»Sandkorn« by Emil Klotzsch

Cover of Sandkorn

Despite the glut of mangled beats and click/glitch sound emerging from Germany on a daily basis, few manage to reveal something soulful and engaging like this debut from Cologne’s Emil Klotzsch. He infuses electronics with recorded instruments that often seems to take an equally obscured touch by the computer. And somehow.. underneath all the schizophrenia of sound - a solidly melodic, mature, and flowing experience is delivered.

As much a collagist as he is a song writer - Sandkorn features guest musicians Malte Weuste (trumpet) + Dominik Böhringer (violin) on ‘fanfarel’ and lends his own vocals to the lush ‘everywhere is shut’. It doesnt stop there though, this release is anything but just another tricked out electronic self-indulgence fest.

  1. whidrek [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  2. imbuk [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  3. fanfarel [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  4. everywhere is shut [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  5. trigger mike [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  6. stamfkorn [MusicBrainz (recording)]
  7. disrupt [MusicBrainz (recording)]

Run time 37:19

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2005-01-14
Release-ID: one017
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