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»Deepmove Mode EP« by Randomajestiq

Cover of Deepmove Mode EP

Randomajestiq’s becoming a familiar face and for good reason. His mixes are solid, well thought out and it show’s almost instantly. ‘Deepmove Mode’ is less ecclectic and more melodic groove than his previous releases with kahvi, kikapu, autoplate, here and more.

However, he doesnt fully detach the listener from those releases as he picks up as abrasively as he left off (penikolada) then glides in with a song from Evolver (now a part of randomajestiq) which seemes to set the pace until hitting the groove’s ground floor with gravity 0 and taking off with this sound even further on Island 4d (easily the stand out track). The feel this time around is more at home on a dance floor than on stage with a laptop, but remains genuinely equal inside the headphones.

  1. penikolada
  2. jaZZmachiNN (Evolver)
  3. gravity 0
  4. island_4d

Run time 18:36

Netlabel: One
Release Date: 2004-02-24
Release-ID: one003
Music Style: HOUSE
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