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»Long Time EP« by Taschenrechnermusikant

Cover of Long Time EP

The Taschenrechnermusikant kindly did the new no-response release. The number 16 in our catalog is called “Long Time”. And long time is what we hope the summer would go on. This music guides us all the long way through nights and days. With all the new experiences and friends we had until now and all that what could come. It’s like a reminder of what’s important in the past and the future.

All this calculated and compiled by the taschenrechnermusikant and proudly presented by no-response. Cold calculation or magic numbers? Whatever you call it, enjoy it for a long time.

  1. taschenrechnermusikant - There is something on my mind18.83MB
  2. taschenrechnermusikant - Long time
  3. taschenrechnermusikant - satellize

Netlabel: No Response
Release Date: 2008-09-02
Release-ID: nore016
Music Style: TECHNO
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