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»The Quiet EP« by Sonmi451

Cover of The Quiet EP

It’s a delight to welcome Belgian artist Bernard Zwijzen, aka Sonmi451, a veteran of release of real-life labels such as U-Cover, to Monotonik with his rather divine 4-track release, ‘The Quiet EP’, which artfully blends ambience and melody in some delightfully beguiling ways.

The EP, which includes both tracks from Sonmi451’s super-limited edition U-Cover CDR ‘Vladivostok’, as well as new material, starts out with the title track from that CDR, which is ambient drift incarnate, before moving on to ‘Inner Structure’, which uses loops and an almost triphop aesthetic, with gently trilling voices and tinkling rustles spreading slowly all over the dial.

Things finish out with ‘Quiet Piece For Bram’, which swells and swells to awesome heights of rotating ambience, before ‘Dilating’ delves all the way into clickhouse, with some gorgeous percussion and chord rumbles - a fitting end to an excellent EP.

  1. Vladivostok
  2. Inner Structure
  3. Quiet Piece For Bram
  4. Dilating

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2006-11-20
Release-ID: mtk175
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