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»Secular EP« by Izmar

Cover of Secular EP

Dutch artist Izmar has released multiple times on both Monotonik and Mono211 before, gaining a semi-fanatical following for his immensely mellow, immensely beautiful blend of electronics and Fila Brazillia-style nu-chill, and we’re delighted to present some of the latest fruits of his labors, in the form of the ‘Secular EP’.

The whole kit and caboodle starts out with the predictably named ‘Opening’, which showcases the immensely natural-sounding jam that characterizes this EP - all slowly rotating keyboards and pitter-pattering drums - the naturalism continues with ‘Funky Sitar’, which does what it says on the tin, thanks to Izmar’s inspired sitar playing jam.

Other highlights include the almost subdued Gilberto Gil skank of ‘My Bossa’, and the beautifully controlled glide of ‘Before Walking’, possibly the EP’s highlight, before ‘Blabla2a’ finishes things off with bells and a loping groove that reinforces why Izmar is one of the most fiercely adored Monotonik artists around.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2006-05-14
Release-ID: mtk165
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