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»Hopeless Falling From EP« by Blisaed

Cover of Hopeless Falling From EP

Returning after his debut ‘As Time Passes EP’ of last year, US electronic artist Matt Centonze, aka Blisaed, who’s been continuing to release excellent material on netlabels such as Camomille and Ronin Collective, graces us with another gently beautiful 4-track EP of vocal-specked, emotion-tinged electronics.

This time round, debut song ‘Photo’ starts things off with casually gorgeous melodies, all multi-layered and shimmering and oxidizing slowly as it’s exposed to the air, before ‘A Silent Walk In The Park’ kicks in, whisper-sung vocals, longing, and odd beauty to the fore. From there on, ‘The One You Thought You Knew’ hits up a stop-start, almost Super Science-like groove of understated splendor, before ‘Showing Her What You’re Made Of’ ends up with an even more herky-jerky, hyperreal mix of attractive keyboards and gently caressing synths.

So, ‘Hopeless Falling From EP’ makes a lot of sense, both as another document of the resurgence of melodic electronic music in the U.S., and as a Monotonik release that fits into our sekrit agenda of releasing ths most gorgeous headphone music we can possibly find, and then spraying it out to the general public in a machine-gun fashion. Catch this one in your teeth, willya?

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2004-02-29
Release-ID: mtk127
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