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»AHX To Excess« by Geir Tjelta

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In the course of getting permission for our previous ‘Best Of AHX Vol.1’ release, which showcased some of the best chip-styled tunes made with the synthetic Commodore Amiga ‘tracker’ program, Abyss’ Highest Experience, we managed to track down the obscure genius, Geir Tjelta, in his native Norway. Not only did he give us permission to release the tracks of his featured on ‘Best Of AHX’, he gave us his entire archive of AHX tunes for release, most of which are near-impossible to find, and some of which have never been released to the public before.

So, we’re very proud to present “AHX To Excess”, a compilation of theseven remaining original-composition Geir Tjelta AHX tunes. And for thechip/beep music fan, they’re quite simply badass. From the funk-inspiredwah-wah of “The Fugitive”, all the way through the soaring solos of “Depressed” and the epic melodies of the bizarrely named “Blue Mazda323”, this is special stuff indeed - many of the tracks are conversionsor enhancements of Commodore 64 .SID tracks that Geir did earlier inhis scene career as Predator/Shape.

But a number of the tracks are brand new, too, and “New Song” flips up mastery of the classic tune, whilst “Luminous” showcases more perfect chord + bassdrum + lead action. Finishing up, “Brain Artifice” has beautifully sliding, beatless action, and “Melodious” plays us out with wonderfullycomplex, nuanced, true chiptune grooves.

As with the first AHX release on Monotonik, we’ve provided mp3 versions of all of the tracks, but we had to guess at sensible points to fade out, since these tunes are all meant to loop for ever, like many older chiptunes.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk107
Music Style: CHIP TUNE
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