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»Agony« by Kaamos

Cover of Agony

We’re proud to feature the debut release from Kaamos, the new artist name for the Finnish musician formerly known as Phonex. Under that moniker, he released some beautiful tracks on a split 10” with Sense for Lee Metamatics’ Neo-Ouija Records, plus appearances on classy compilations for Merck, Suojain, and Neo-Ouija.

However, he’s been away for a while, revitalising and recuperating, and “Agony” is a gorgeous return to form for his new moniker, showcasing scatterbeat drums, robotic synth drills, and all that is good about the Scandinavian abstract electronics movement.

So, it’s like imagining yourself on a boat in a river with Tom Baker punting, before you get sucked into a time vortex by a BBC strike and are caressed by Daft Punk-like robots with curiously warm metallic hands. With marmalade skies, too. Glad we sorted that one out. More of the ecstacy, less of the agony, really.

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk099
Music Style: IDM
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