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»Mommylove & Daddypride EP« by Secede

Cover of Mommylove & Daddypride EP

We’re very proud to present the first release on Monotonik from Secede, a Dutch-based artist who’s just starting to get a lot of buzz online, with a remix featured on the hotly anticipated Machine Drum remix CD due out on Merck pretty soon, plus a full length solo CD (also on Merck) to follow.

So, this 4-track EP is a perfect introduction to the lush, melodic and intelligent sound of Secede, with the first track, “Depart & Arrive”, cutting up a gorgeous ambient waltz with the American president’s strangely melodious ramblings about the situation in Afghanistan.

From then on, things can only get better, with “Option Screen (Phantas)”, bringing in an immaculately cowbell-infested hip-sway groove, almost Nightmares On Wax-esque in its nonchalance, and “Seafold” cutting up haunting melodies and wayahead chilled cuts. Finally, “I Can’t Help Fearing You” is a spectacular mess of notes gelled into one nutritious, ambient parting whole.

So, whether you’re a shover or a pusher (but a pusher’s a jerk), shove yourself into the horizontal position and enjoy this EP - we’re pretty sure we’ll be hearing more of Secede. If only when he mails us to complain about this overblown, but very necessary song description ;)

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk084
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