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»Simpel« by Epoq

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Another of those musicians whose work we’ve known for a long time, and now finally have a chance to put out, Australia’s Epoq has been around ever since his contribution to the Surgery’s excellent “Initial Release” compilation a year or two back. And now, with net.releases from online labels like Kahvi, Quanta, and Corewatch, and his debut “Scintilla” CD just released, also on Surgery, we’re proud to present the lead-off track from that album, “Simpel”.

So, what to say? “Simpel” is anything but that, since it’s almost symphonic in scope, with alien choral leads soaring over multiple layers of serene synths, and the meandering bass in the breakdowns taking us away before the swooping, multi-tracked leads meander back in again. It’s almost as if a classical composition background (as Epoq has) transposed into mellow electronica brings a whole different perspective to the table. In any case, for the height of the languid summer, explore your proclivity for torpidity by lying back and enjoying this creativity?

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk083
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