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»Wittle Star« by Idmonster

Cover of Wittle Star

The return of Brighton, UK-based composer, Idmonster, to Monotonik is always an auspicious event. Former member of Butterfly Child and now a TV documentary composer, his side projects under the Pendle and Idmonster monikers are nothing short of gorgeous.

In this case, Idmonster takes a single vocal line from Stina Nordenstam’s contribution to, of all things, the “Romeo And Juliet” soundtrack, and re-orchestrates a sublime idm-house trip over the top, complete with what sounds like a theramin solo, and all the mellowest, smartest keyboard and string arrangements you could ever hope to hear.

So, relax in the summer sunshine whilst you hear “Wittle Star” build and build, all EBTG-esque passion and longing, til it peaks, you stare directly into the sun, and lose your sight permanently - set the controls for the heart of your retina.

Or, like Hunter Thompson, don’t electrocute your friend at the climax of the track, just throw an unplugged electrical appliance in the bath without his knowledge, and get all the pleasure without the permanent physical disfigurement. You dig?

Netlabel: Monotonik
Release Date: 2003-07-08
Release-ID: mtk082
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