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»We Are Just Borgs III EP« by Palsecam (itoa)

Cover of We Are Just Borgs III EP

This release is part of the “we are just borgs” EP collection released by palsecam (polish “arts and music” collective).

giku and haloon (ITOA) brings just what we need to get in the pre-summer mood. dellphine sets the atmosphere for some melancholic afternoon sun, while aion lets down oldschoolish aphex twin breaks on top of dubby melodics. omatko straightens the beat up abit while there seems to be some person looking for a nice spot to sit down. dolph finishes it all off sounding like seabreezed stones wandering the sandy pits. eh.. right.. anyway its ace stuff!

thanx to zenial of palsecam for curating

Netlabel: Miasmah
Release Date: 2003-11-22
Release-ID: mia046
Music Style: AMBIENT
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