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»Veins-tu« by Alexandre Bilodeau

Cover of Veins-tu

Alexandre returns to Epsilonlab with a fresh pack of massive, house music superlatives. Everyone in the electronic music community is in for a real treat as a result of his latest offering. The tracks are straight up chunky, smooth, urbanized, Detroit-laced warehouse weapons. Any DJ would be hard pressed to not immediately begin incorporating these heavy movers into their repertoire.

Alexandre reminds the community of the itÃÂs roots whilst incorporating up to the minute production expertise- as the tracks contain within them not only solid musicality, but tweaky, crowd tantalizing break downs and transitionsÃÂsure to bring the original energy back into the game. Respect for this release will be ringing in from all the players of house musics past and present as well as from across the globe as these gigantic house cuts begin to disseminate along the infinite reaches of the electronic superhighway get yours at once!

Mastered by Paul Keeley

  1. Veins-tu
  2. Goya
  3. Electrolux
  4. RealBeeDeeEyes Source

Run time 24:17

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2006-04-24
Release-ID: eps22
Music Style: HOUSE
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