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»Midnight Fire EP« by Vincent Casanova

Cover of Midnight Fire EP

This EP is something of a journey through the various dimensions of what is the evolving sound of deep housethe tracks themselves dip into many different possibilitiesreflecting the many elements that can be expressed through the deep lens. She Lovesfeaturing the strong and silky voice of Sally Amatois a smooth, guitar laced ride that offers melodic respite to this chaotic world. Ice Cube Medicine is a chill but funky, retro sounding track- complete with ultra clean drums and a wild 80s riff that rolls itself through Miami in a black Lotus- searching for the next big thing. Sunset Escape is a stripped down voyage into an infinite atmosphere created by a softly expanding sunset one might encounter from an island hut, way south in the pacific. Lastly, Moondrops is a hypnotic, minimal pulser-, which slowly reveals a plane of mental awareness through repetitive, sneaky, mechanical percussion and harmonic, droning chords. Hoping for the desired effect, allow this collection of tracks to leave you back where you starteddancing the night away and remembering suddenly, that music can be unique and adventurous despite the many names we use to describe itas the midnight fire continues to glowinto the depths once again.

  1. She Loves (featuring Sally Amato)
  2. Ice Cube Medicine
  3. Moondrops
  4. Sunset Escape Source

Run time 25:55

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2005-11-03
Release-ID: eps20
Music Style: TECHHOUSE
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