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»Boobcube EP« by Tristen Polar

Cover of Boobcube EP

The Irish man Gary Spence is one busy man. This results from his fierce work to define his own sound where he got influenced by many sources. Electronic or not, music is a driving tool that made his own music world spin around a warm, sexy and melodic groove.

Already released with different labels and a remarkable album on Morris Audio Citysport, tpolar is now a familiar name to the DJs who dig house material with a funky vibe. He might not be yet known publicly, but is upcoming releases on several netlabels will be a great opportunity for all of us to get charmed and seduced by his beats.

On Epsilonlab, tpolar serves “Boobcube” which might be a strange name but not necessarily weird music. Expect here light bouncy rythms, with ethereal melodic chords that might be associated to the german minimal techno. The happy hybrid will greatly fill your summer afternoon with bright moments!

  1. Boobcube
  2. Plump One
  3. New Beans
  4. Bricks

Run time 27:52

Netlabel: Epsilonlab
Release Date: 2004-06-24
Release-ID: eps03
Music Style: TECHNO
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