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»Constructions For Andrey Kiritchenko« by Various Artists

Cover of Constructions For Andrey Kiritchenko

As the title already says, this release contains 12 pieces of constructions from Andrey Kirichenko samplematerial and is dedicated to Andreys highly acclaimed “00.00” album. Artists from the direct Autoplate roster, like UndaCova, EtcEtc, 833-45, Rngmnn or Stefan Koopmanschap aswell as familiar names and new talents like Object (Kevin Bolster), Xenoton from the Netlabel, Kotra from Nexsound, Anton Dimitrov from Urban Magazine/Acid Fake Labelowner, Violet/ and last but not least rewarded painter/multi-musician Heath Yonaites/Triumvirate honoured Andreys efforts and contributed with their very own interpretation of the basis samples.

Objects “Nocturne” is a fine oscillating sine-circuit and its pleasently to get entertained by this digital mash. Stefan Koopmanschap edited a loop and added minor fx bitcrushing. Rngmnn who is best settled to dark industrial ambient environments transformed the theme of AKs album to his point of view - distant bleeps and syntax errors. UndaCovas careful use of the material and shy idm-beginnings keep the lost-into-music feeling past midnights: a very strong developing interpretation of “Polnoch”. After his Sketch-Album on Arghprkl, EtcEtcs returns with his original fun-idmgabbanoise and delivers a short, mad, shy and sunny (!) cutoffmonster.

Xenoton, who might still sound unfamiliar to most listeners, is a german composer who released a well-rated cd on his own label “TonAtom”. His construction for AK reveals Xenotons synth/ebm roots. The warmest construction comes from Vancouver Radio-signal scientist 833-45 who surprisingly put the attention of his work on the moody stringleads. Sounds melancholic for me - a familiar feeling for all nerds out there who are awake during midnight. EtcEtcs 2nd construction is a serious dark and windy ambientnoise arrangement.

Kotra, who is related to the direct surrounding field of AK and, same as him, a protagonist of the Ukrainian dsp-scene, composed a piece which focuses on hertz-frequencies and a fragile sonic-spectrum, i guess influences by Alva Noto can be heard here - a very good construction i think! Macedonian scene activist and Thinner/Autoplate supporter since the first minute Anton Dimitrov focused on a plicky needle plop sample of AK and explores a thick click n’jam. Violets short construction is economic in sample usage and evolves a heavy cloud which doesnt erupt finally (luckily?) but seperates into new a developing surface, though yet smaller. The multi-instrumentalist Heath Yonaites builded a song with his unique wall-of-soundart composing.

Dont forget - Autoplate is a label dedicated to listening with headphones, so you should do here either if you do not want to miss very much of this album - Get into it!

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2002-09-21
Release-ID: apl006
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