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»Bauhaus« by Various Artists

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The first autoplate release is a compilation which features artists from across the world. “Bauhaus Comp,” is the dedicated showcase of which genres autoplate will feature. You will find all the elements which draw the modern electronica music, if its either clicks or glitches, dsp or sampling, noise or melodies or ambience and minimalism … Enjoy 75 minutes of mostly short works of the 15 artists.

“Fliegenfänger” is a clinique sterile tune where a modulated sinebass line draws circles. some subtle fx. Evan La Panns “Only Yesterday” has a nice ambient atmo, the glitches remind me of Oval. “Dust Eater” appears also on knalls first cdr which is limited to 100 copies. Ring modulated fx lying over a steaming underground lake, mysterious behaves. The always-trippy UndaCova remixes an Affective Disorder tune in his unqiue hectic and speedy style. Andrey Kirichenkos “Tron” follows up, which also bears metallic samples. Aois Dubh’s “Albert Shore” hides warm melodies underneath its warm sponge of yellow noise.. K’s “Jam Of The Falling Leaves” is a melodic piece of iem, with a somewhat nice autumn feel on it. IMUs “Enchanted v.0.76b” goes more into the illbient direction with subtle church organs playing disharmonic chords. Stefan Koopmanschaps “135plate” might appear unstructred or deorientated at first listening, but its one of them choons which develop after playing it several times. Very idm here. Viktor Merkulov from far Tadjikistan submitted a dsp hybrid on which granulated coins clink on the shelf all the time in pure randomness. Ersatz’ song is very playful both in atmosphere and sequencing. The babyvoices underline it at make it to sound pretty happy either to me. Rngmnns “Mask of Yog-Sototh” is a dark ambient piece with slightly classical strings in the background, if one listens carefully you’ll notice them. Atmo is the key - also on Frames “Conversation With Your Mixer” which is a calm experimental ambient audiotest with heavily reverbed fx. Harald Wiltsches “Observing Systems” is a tune born out of the theoretical aspects of the modern avantgarde sound. theres quite a big theoretical background behind Harald’s works, you will soon hear more from him. “Observing Systems” deals with reverbed rooms and sparkling effects. The closing tune from Etcetc “En Natt Med Fullmane” strikes again into the dark ambient direction with layers which remind me about the crying of lonely wolves during a starry night.

Netlabel: Autoplate
Release Date: 2001-05-10
Release-ID: apl001
Music Style: AMBIENT
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