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»Soppmonsterets EP 2« by Tomputer

Cover of Soppmonsterets EP 2

Playfulness and diversity are perhaps the key words to describe this latest offering from the Tomputer. He seems to be having a very fruitful period of creativity lately, and we simply could not resist releasing another cocktail of tracks to give you all a taste.

“Flein 2” continues where the last EP left off in Tomputer’s trademark mushroomed style, though in a darker, denser, almost hypnotic fashion. “En siste bit maki” is more of a laidback, groovy fish. Spacious chords and nice elektronica touches create a soothing atmosphere without being edgeless. “Til Roti” breaks up the organic feel of the previous tracks, and turns almost completely electronic. The track was composed for Tom’s girlfriend’s late grandmother, to ease the pain in her final hours. Its otherworldly mood gives us a kind of spiritual closing of this release, and also marks the end of 2005 for The Aquavelvas.

Netlabel: Aquavelvas
Release Date: 2005-12-29
Release-ID: aqv009
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