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»Detour (ep)« by D'incise

Cover of Detour (ep)

Alpinechic presents it s twelfth release: D’Incise “Detour”. From Geneva in the french part of Switzerland D’Incise takes us in a 5 track journey of micro breakbeats, bleep electronica, dubby subbass, minimal sound exploration and sets us in an almost 30 minutes dream that will keep you pressing play and repeat without even noticing. Detour sets off with the moving “Ombre et soleil à St-Chartier” then retaining the drill drum style until “Les épines liberales” a hypnotizing electronica song in dub fashion and ends then with the drone chords and clicks of “les gréements”. D’Incise s secret is capturing the balance between breaks and blips that keep the rythm floating and the repeating bass that not only fills the lower frequency range but also works to build up the harmony.

Netlabel: AlpineChic
Release Date: 2005-02-28
Release-ID: ac012
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