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»Viaje« by Receptor

Cover of Viaje

jorge cortes from santiago de chile (.cl) takes us on a musical journey reflecting his travels in 2004. starting at the paradise beach “con-con” in valparaiso, they lead him to various countries in europe and ended up in southern italy. in these days, the graphic designer always found enough time for siesta and composing music. at the italian “interferenze festival” he played alongside with mikael stavöstrand, luomo, rechenzentrum and c. bonarelli this year. with his laptop he performed in santiago at museo de belias artes, universidad de chile, universidad de santiago and in buenos aires at museo de ciencias naturales before.

besides running the label, he produces under the name “cancer” and released an album called “product” on cronica. under receptor he concentrates on more minimal soundscapes and micro-ambient, and released on and

beautiful soundscapes bringing digital and organic sounds together and implementing the south american spirit to

Netlabel: Realaudio
Release Date: 2004-10-30
Release-ID: raam006
Music Style: AMBIENT
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